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Epiphany June 7, 2008

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It’s an amazing thing how recharged one feels when one sits on the couch and just reads. Not because one is sick or otherwise incapacitated but just because one is making a conscious decision to relax.

Need to do that more – but right now I’m looking through the sire listings – again.


Two rants June 2, 2008

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School zones – talk about setting kids up to not look where they’re going. I had to stop by LG’s new school (his is closing so we have to switch) and man alive! I cannot believe the amount of kids who just step out. I watched, in about 30 seconds, a kid step out between two trucks in front of a school bus and another couple of kids step in front of various cars coming and going. It’s a bit crazy really. I wonder if it’s any safer for them really or are we just teaching them not to look before crossing? Hmmm…

Bountiful – because when not one, but two special prosecutors say there’s no legal grounds for charges, Wally Opal just finds yet another one, hoping this one will recommend charges. It’s a bit of a problem really.
Especially when RCMP and Child Protection have gone in on every legitimate complaint and investigated and aren’t finding anything either. Enough already!!!

On to something completely different – my dog is snoring.


Weekly dose of cuteness May 31, 2008

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brought to you with the assistance of my dear sis at Ridiculosity who helped me figure out how to insert photos. Not rocket science, I know but beyond my dial up brain!

These little sweeties are Fritha (white ewe lamb), Lafi (black wether in progress) and Fasti (black ram lamb, twin to Fritha, in the back) They love to frolick near the gate – especially if secret hay is arriving. That’s code for “hay the piggie mums can’t get to”.

I wanted to include a photo of Erli. He’s a gorgeous dark looking grey with a silver under coat. He was the last born here and i just love him.

Erli, Fasti and Fritha are all currently for sale. Please contact me or check the farm site for details.

And the fledgling garden (just to show off my new photo inserting skills).

The those are the peas and a cuke on the left – although the cuke is not doing as well today thanks to a duck led garden raid last night. On the right is our mint patch -comes back even year to what would otherwise be a quite yucky bit of ground. Invasive? Yep -thank goodness! It can stand up to ducks and sheep and weather and neglect!


Oops, oops ooops May 24, 2008

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In my usual mindless way, I posted something over here that was meant for elsewhere.

Truly I =idiot sometimes. Perhaps it’s because I’m tired. Ok, I’m not really that tired (that’s just an excuse this time) but I have been on a writing binge. I don’t want to sleep. I have one WiP that’s in edits and one that’s brand, spanking new I’ve just started to blurt out onto the page. Modern fantasy – it’s not urban but it’s in the present-ish day.

Write what you know is an interesting concept. I’ve been trying to find the balance of writing what I know and love and not Mary Sue everything. Because of my superior writing and analytical skills that won’t be a problem, natch, but it’s funny because I love cool stuff that I want to write about.

Men are another problem. I like a particular type of guy, it turns out. And I’m not interested in writing MCs falling for other types. Because they irritate me to write about. The men are not all my husband, nor are the MCs all me, it’s just that I don’t find myself terribly interested in people who aren’t interesting.



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Peepers started hatching yesterday. As usual J and I mugged it up by putting a board along side the nest. That is considered interfering by duck mamas who will leave the rest of the nest for you to figure out. They’d fall in between the fences and get stepped on or just die or exposure because they couldn’t get back.

And no, we weren’t responsible for such a stupid location. it’s not easy to convince ducks where they should hatch.

Bees are officially next.  Equipment this year, actual bees next spring. Woo hoo.

Oh yes – am writing as well. I’ve actually had five minutes here and there where I could clean my house but prefer to do fun things instead. I’m breaking one of the big writing rules – thou shalt not write specifically for a publisher that you aren’t already signed to. Bah! The last time I did that I actually finished a book I would buy and am currently revising with a plan to submit. Rules – says I – are made to be broken.


Draft complete…. May 14, 2008

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Wow… I actually finished a first draft. Maybe it’s a second draft. Regardless, it’s got a name (Something Stupid) and is actually getting close to submittable. I have a page – just one page – of things that need dramatic work (of course some of that is whole scenes that feeling missing). It’s a big step for me. I’m even looking at places to submit to. Of course I’m starting big (go big or go home) and I’ll work my way down as the rejections come in.

Oh yes, I’m optimistic but not delusional.


Success! May 9, 2008

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Mama Finna has accepted not just her baby but the other ram lamb we grafted onto her!!! No more nighttime feedings for me.

Winchester went out for his first run today. I have gotten so out of shape and feel yeck! Now that he’s old enough to know for sure where home is, I decided that I’d take him out. He loved it and he’s zonked!

And now I have the whole day to write without worrying about anything really.