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My perfect day…. January 8, 2008

Filed under: Life,Mindless — artofsanctuary @ 5:06 am

As it stands right now I think my perfect day would be to get up at about 6 a.m with LG. We’d play around before school and maybe do a bit of yoga or TaiJi and then feed the animals.

And then I’d come home, do a bit more practice and then write. I’d have an early lunch, go for a walk and then nap for an hour. And then I’d get LG from school and we’d play some more. We’d have a yummy supper – pizza rustica, or roasted veggies and such – play some Uno and other games entertaining to LG.

Another round of animal related chores.

He’d have a lovely bath and then a cuddle and stories. And then
when he was sleeping I’d write a bunch more – up until about 10:00. And then I’d have a bath and read and fall asleep to wake up and do it all over again.

Now, every couple of days I’d add a Tai Ji or Kung Fu class in there as well…

And yet look at me – writing about writing instead of writing. I did get some good practice in today however – class and practice at home. Now to toss off a few pages and off to bed.


One Response to “My perfect day….”

  1. thr33n0r Says:

    How perfect is that day without any mention of your dear husband?! You may have to use that Hungry Tiger to defend yourself now!

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