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My Perfect Day -winter redux January 11, 2008

Filed under: Life — artofsanctuary @ 4:00 pm

I forgot that on my perfect day, I can make husbands do whatever I want. Thanks for reminding me.


Wake up around 6 a.m; yoga, taiji with J and after that, writing with tea. Snow would be falling… big fluffy flakes, but it wouldn’t be bitterly cold. Just beautiful… a bit like today.

LG would get up and we’d play – probably Uno but maybe Hit the Deck. We’d have breakfast together – the boys cereal, me yogurt and all of us would have tea.

We’d get LG off to school. We’d come home, feed the animals and I’d write while J… built me things. After a while we’d practice together, have lunch, a quick hike and maybe even sneak in a brief nap.

And then we’d get LG from school and we’d go sledding . Then we’d come in and play some more. We’d have a yummy supper – pizza rustica, or roasted veggies (and LG would like them) and such.

Another round of animal related chores and then we’d play some Uno and other games entertaining to LG while we had hot chocolate and fresh cookies.

 He’d have a lovely bath and then a cuddle and stories. And then J would go to   Kung Fu and I’d write a bunch more while LG was sleeping; up until about  10:00. And then I’d have a bath and read and fall asleep to wake up and do it all  over again.Now, every couple of days I’d add a Tai Ji or Kung Fu class in there as well…

And here I am – once again writing about writing instead of writing. Practice last night was great and now…I’m off to do some (hopefully) good writing and contemplate my perfect Spring day.

Smooch, smooch…


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