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I am such a school addict February 29, 2008

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I’ve been shopping for more school. Could I be more addicted or is it that it’s a masterful procrastination tool? There is a part of me that looks at programms in my field of work but what I’m really drawn to are histories – medival, Viking, Buddhist… any of that. I have always wanted to take more of that sort of thing but in Uni two things happened for me. One was that I really wanted to take a tonne of English etc. courses (this is before I learned there were things like medieval studies and classics). I had a really cool English teacher in college – but the next one was an ick. I still (this is many-double digits- years later) remember the comments on my “creative writing” paper – you can’t have dark footsteps. There were other ones but that is the one I remember because it set the tone of the year. I was so excited for the class (expectation -again) and the creative writing component was what excited me. So that dashed I tried another one at Uni but I wasn’t interested in deconstructing what so and so had to say in their poem – I wanted to appreciate it and have the culture come alive through it. I took an history class and found it dry – too much about dates and memorizing wars when I wanted to know how people lived, what they ate, what their desires were and why this or that was important to them. So I ditched history as well.

I did a practical – get a job degree that there’s no doubt I enjoyed. But I always had this longing to take a medieval studies class. Usually – because there were few offerings from that department – they clashed with my “responsible” courses. And I think the bad taste from English was still in my mouth. So, I didn’t ever take one of their courses. In hindsight, I have no doubt that I realized it would be very difficult to stay on the “responsible” path if I started taking those courses – I think I knew I’d jump in with both feet. So, I never checked the water.

Years later – I have a good career, well established etc. and still look at those programmes and courses and think hmmmm…. I think it is from whence my interest in costume dramas and Shakespeare and many of my favorite authors comes. And so I wonder if I want to just read stuff or if I want to do school in that area. I often recollect an interesting woman in one of my GRS  (that’s Classics) classes. She was an older woman, retired and she was auditing the course – and any course that looked interesting. She’d attend and do some of the assignments that seem interesting but no exams and no grades…. hmmm… but do I have the discipline to really learn that way? I can already see some of the questions – why not just study to your own if you’re going to do that? One answer to that comes as quickly to mind – you learn things that you would not necessarily find on your own, still are challenged because you can not gravitate towards only those things that appeal to you etc.

Food for thought.

And now for something completely different: Shawl is done – and it’s lovely. It’s my writing shawl. I’d love to have a spinning wheel but it’s out of my financial realm for now.


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