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brrrr…. March 4, 2008

Filed under: Life,Writing — artofsanctuary @ 3:22 am

We had some little taste of spring and all that comes with that but now the temperature has dropped and so has more of the white stuff. It will be short term- I know that but the irony that we had a big dump of snow on the same day as I got my notice to pick up my seeds and starter plants today was not lost on me. I have to keep my basil, lavender, taragon et al alive in this cold!

I was thinking of Andrew Marvel yesterday and his poem that brings to mind Spring and all that entails:


I love the poetry of the metaphysicals – Marvel in particular is so witty and clever. The Garden is well disguised pron. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is another one – the title alone is incredible.

I have to say – although it was spoofed in Shakespeare in love, titles and names are really important to authors. Not in that we spend hours pouring over baby name lists to pick Just The Name (ok, we do but some of that’s procrastination) but when you hear A Title or A Name, you say – “good name” [or title] just as they did in that movie.

Well, off to tattoo gun shop now. I have lambs coming who will need ink!


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