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*&$%&&****@@!!! April 18, 2008

Filed under: 1 — artofsanctuary @ 2:17 pm

So – I had a previous post about why I haven’t posted much lately. But… it got deleted inadvertently. Lame.

Anyway – life here is hectic and definitely not just rolling along. For me it has the feeling of an out of control top. I’m too busy at work, too much to keep up with at home and can’t even really get started on anything because there’s just too much. Could this be a sign of something? <g> Ok – so I need to slow down. But how and where – what can go?

I haven’t been writing – or able to focus on writing when I do have the time. I think my mind is so overloaded and writing is so cerebral that I can’t do writing as my “downtime” right now. Perhaps I need to do more knitting?

No lambs yet – but we do have ducklings and goslings. Yes, pics will follow. They’re living in my downstairs bathroom right now 9in a kiddie pool). Three have died but I think the rest will make it. The geese are already totally full of attitude. I love ’em!

I just busted my dog who was stalking the adult goose in a herding dog way. All I have to do is open the sliding window beside the computer and !!! he startles. Very funny!

I have no idea what else I want to write about so that’s it for me.


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