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I love being a shepherd!!! April 24, 2008

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Aside from our first little lamb, happily frolicking, this is such a great time of year for this work. I was out feeling up my pregnant ewes to try to guess when they might go. One of them – Bucky – who is totally sweet was letting me palpate her abdomen. Actually, she was down on the ground and not looking right so I went out worried about acidosis/bloat which would be horrible at her stage of pregnancy. So, I was feeling her tummy etc. and felt something hard. When I palpated properly, I got a double kick back. I had my right arm draped across her back and felt quite sure I could feel lots of movement on the other side. No mean feat that – she’s ginormous.

Anyway. I just love it. I just watch them through the windows and smile. There are days when it sucks – like when you lose a baby or have to fight with one to get her hooves trimmed – but mostly I just LOVE it.

Happy lambing world.


One Response to “I love being a shepherd!!!”

  1. tamarasheehan Says:

    Yay for lambs! I loved the picture of Snowflake sleeping in the sun by her mother – thanks for sending those.
    I hope everything goes well with the lambs in the next few weeks.

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