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May 24, 2008

Filed under: 1 — artofsanctuary @ 2:56 am

Peepers started hatching yesterday. As usual J and I mugged it up by putting a board along side the nest. That is considered interfering by duck mamas who will leave the rest of the nest for you to figure out. They’d fall in between the fences and get stepped on or just die or exposure because they couldn’t get back.

And no, we weren’t responsible for such a stupid location. it’s not easy to convince ducks where they should hatch.

Bees are officially next.  Equipment this year, actual bees next spring. Woo hoo.

Oh yes – am writing as well. I’ve actually had five minutes here and there where I could clean my house but prefer to do fun things instead. I’m breaking one of the big writing rules – thou shalt not write specifically for a publisher that you aren’t already signed to. Bah! The last time I did that I actually finished a book I would buy and am currently revising with a plan to submit. Rules – says I – are made to be broken.


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