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Oops, oops ooops May 24, 2008

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In my usual mindless way, I posted something over here that was meant for elsewhere.

Truly I =idiot sometimes. Perhaps it’s because I’m tired. Ok, I’m not really that tired (that’s just an excuse this time) but I have been on a writing binge. I don’t want to sleep. I have one WiP that’s in edits and one that’s brand, spanking new I’ve just started to blurt out onto the page. Modern fantasy – it’s not urban but it’s in the present-ish day.

Write what you know is an interesting concept. I’ve been trying to find the balance of writing what I know and love and not Mary Sue everything. Because of my superior writing and analytical skills that won’t be a problem, natch, but it’s funny because I love cool stuff that I want to write about.

Men are another problem. I like a particular type of guy, it turns out. And I’m not interested in writing MCs falling for other types. Because they irritate me to write about. The men are not all my husband, nor are the MCs all me, it’s just that I don’t find myself terribly interested in people who aren’t interesting.



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