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Weekly dose of cuteness May 31, 2008

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brought to you with the assistance of my dear sis at Ridiculosity who helped me figure out how to insert photos. Not rocket science, I know but beyond my dial up brain!

These little sweeties are Fritha (white ewe lamb), Lafi (black wether in progress) and Fasti (black ram lamb, twin to Fritha, in the back) They love to frolick near the gate – especially if secret hay is arriving. That’s code for “hay the piggie mums can’t get to”.

I wanted to include a photo of Erli. He’s a gorgeous dark looking grey with a silver under coat. He was the last born here and i just love him.

Erli, Fasti and Fritha are all currently for sale. Please contact me or check the farm site for details.

And the fledgling garden (just to show off my new photo inserting skills).

The those are the peas and a cuke on the left – although the cuke is not doing as well today thanks to a duck led garden raid last night. On the right is our mint patch -comes back even year to what would otherwise be a quite yucky bit of ground. Invasive? Yep -thank goodness! It can stand up to ducks and sheep and weather and neglect!


One Response to “Weekly dose of cuteness”

  1. tamarasheehan Says:

    And it looks like the garden is coming along. Hooray for summer and the growing season!

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