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Two rants June 2, 2008

Filed under: 1 — artofsanctuary @ 8:22 pm

School zones – talk about setting kids up to not look where they’re going. I had to stop by LG’s new school (his is closing so we have to switch) and man alive! I cannot believe the amount of kids who just step out. I watched, in about 30 seconds, a kid step out between two trucks in front of a school bus and another couple of kids step in front of various cars coming and going. It’s a bit crazy really. I wonder if it’s any safer for them really or are we just teaching them not to look before crossing? Hmmm…

Bountiful – because when not one, but two special prosecutors say there’s no legal grounds for charges, Wally Opal just finds yet another one, hoping this one will recommend charges. It’s a bit of a problem really.
Especially when RCMP and Child Protection have gone in on every legitimate complaint and investigated and aren’t finding anything either. Enough already!!!

On to something completely different – my dog is snoring.


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